HTGC Marketing Policy

HTGC Ltd. understands how our NFT holders would like to share their wonderful experience in our interactive and innovative project with their peers and friends. Before sharing any of our materials to anyone, please read this Marketing Policy (“Marketing Policy”) carefully.

This policy describes the required marketing practices for holders of any blockchain-based, cryptographic nonfungible token (“NFT”) which, together with the license rights to any associated digital works of authorship or other content, whether or not copyrighted or copyrightable, and regardless of the format in which any of the foregoing is made available, comprises and is referred to herein as a “Digital Collectible”. By purchasing a Digital Collectible, you agree that you will comply with this Marketing Policy in connection with holding and transferring the Digital Collectible.

Overall Focus of Marketing

In general, Digital Collectibles should be marketed in a manner that emphasizes the consumptive value or functionality of the Digital Collectible.

Prohibited Marketing Activity

The following marketing activities are prohibited when marketing any Digital Collectible and our Services. “Services” means HTGC’s websites, content, tools, apps, functionality, and other services. Marketing will not: Promote any Digital Collectible and Services who are easily disturbed or 17 years of age or younger, include statements that could cause potential purchasers of a Digital Collectible to have a reasonable expectation of profits, including but not limited to: References to opportunities for price appreciation, resale value or secondary market opportunities; and Language typically associated with investment returns, such as mentions of a Digital Collectible’s ROI, ROR, or market capitalization. Or will not: Emphasize or discuss the rarity of a Digital Collectible unless the rarity is expressly associated with the Digital Collectible’s unique features, designs, or characteristics and it is made clear that the rarity is not intended to suggest the likelihood of price appreciation or future resale value, emphasize the availability of third-party exchanges or marketplaces for trading a Digital Collectible, contain statements promising future functionality that will be associated with any Digital Collectible. This includes but is not limited to statements regarding future utility, off-chain benefits, or technological developments, and contain any untruthful, incomplete, unsupported, inaccurate or misleading statements.

Contact Details

For any enquiries, please contact us as follows: